Our Vision is to raise the world's Bliss by 25% by increasing yours 1,000% !
Our Vision is to raise the world's Bliss by 25% by increasing yours 1,000% !
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Hall of Fame Coincidences

Lorie Falls..."A particularly yucky part of my job is cleaning toilets at a big box store where I was feeling a trapped jobwise. The job can be unpleasant if you know what I mean.

'But then I started using my machine, the Whirling Bliss Machine. By the fourth day I started singing Christmas carols while doing some of the worst parts. Christmas might be over, but I'm still singing when the mood strikes regardless of the size of the cleanup."

“I grew up a one bathroom home. When I was working I could never use a public bathroom, so I was lucky to use the bathroom every two weeks. No one ever knew. Since using the Bliss, I use the bathroom every day.”      -     Name withheld by request.

Amber Treasure… Your machine is extraordinary! Know this!

The first time I saw you use it, I could see the machine working on an energy level. It was pretty amazing to watch. From what I saw it seemed as though it causes the energy centers to activate and cleanse. It does this with its release of “Bliss Particles”, accompanied with the Whirling.

The reaction of both combined stimulated the energy centers to spin faster and process debris, cording, etc without any need for meditation or outside energy work. That is fabulous as a number of people have problems with going deep into meditation without a guide. Your machine takes out the necessity of outside work.

It naturally stimulates soul regeneration!!!! I have never ever, in my years of doing this type of work, had the pleasure of seeing that happen without assistance of meditation or an outside energy healer.

Not only did it spin and cleanse the energy centers, it also cut away all unnecessary cording, almost like a razor blade. Cords are attached to our souls typically through trauma hindering growth and self-cleansing/release.

I was really taken aback. Then I spoke with Florence to tell her what I saw. I told her that people will most probably go through an unwinding (similar to unwinding a ball of yarn) process from past trauma be it physical or emotional, as well as a release process. Unwinding and release are like a brief Herximer reaction but deep in the soul.

I said that there would be deep emotional release, sometimes during dreamstate. I said that old pain would come back for a blink and then be gone. I told her everything that I was told about your machine. She actually confirmed what I was seeing. Then I was even more amazed!! It works on the soul!!!!!!!

I do believe, as I’ve seen it with my own eyes, that your machine is True Bliss for the soul, not just the human body. I felt like I really needed to share all of this long-winded bunch of rambling about your fabulous creation!

Like I said, the Whirling Bliss does more than you realize!!! I hope this gives you a little more clarity about my comment a while ago. I really don’t like leaving things open-ended and mysterious. I, personally, like the facts and reasons for statements, and I like to give that to others.

Bill… “I've shed 37 pounds of fat without even trying.”

 W.K…“I hugged people with the flu this winter practically while their noses are running without any fear of getting it and did not get sick this winter”

Carolyn Shelton:… I stopped using for one week and started to develop cold symptoms. Went right back to using the bliss machine & in 2 days symptoms left….Sleep now is deep and restful. Thankful to have these healthy tools!

Doug McGill on Facebook“Hey Kelley, the Bliss Machines are WONDERFUL…Today it just made me laugh!!! Laugh, laugh, laugh!”

Lorie Falls…If it weren't for the bliss machine and discs I don't think I could make it at work when I'm by myself,

Anonymous… My husband said to me this morning: When he gets stressed, he pulls his hair out. He said he has been doing it a lot less, and then said no, as a matter of fact, I do not do it at all anymore!!!

Lorie Falls (who cleans public toilets)…

There has been a flood in every bathroom and we will put an out of order sign on it and lock the door. Sometimes customers break in and the flood starts all over again!

Karen Bitterman… ”Every year by this time my husband has had two colds, possibly working on his third. To date, not so much as a sniffle thanks to the Whirling Bliss Machine. The same report goes for me. I received my machine about five weeks into having pneumonia and started getting better right away.”