Our Vision is to raise the world's Bliss by 25% by increasing yours 1,000% !
Our Vision is to raise the world's Bliss by 25% by increasing yours 1,000% !
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What kinds of diseases do the Whirling Bliss Machine and Bliss Disks help to cure?  This technology focuses on helping people feel more blissful. We consider any health improvements to be “Hall of Fame Coincidences” if they occur while using or after using one or both technologies. Good things can happen when a person feels blissed. When you do that, it is you who is producing any outcomes that might occur.  

Are Whirling Bliss Machines and Bliss Disks medical devices? They are bliss generators. The field of medicine is unable to treat bliss or offer it as an outcome. Thus our Machine far surpasses the medical field in this particular aspect of its performance.   

Is the Whirling Bliss Machine a fidget spinner? The Whirling Bliss Machine is a patent pending device, a new invention. Although there have been tens or hundreds of millions of fidget spinners purchased, there are no reports of them promoting bliss. Yet that is a common experience for our customers.

For example in four days, Lorie – who hated her job – started singing Christmas Carols while cleaning public toilets. This kind of attitudinal bliss shift is not unusual among those who own one. One way to look at the difference would be to consider Michelangelo’s “Statue of David.” No one goes to Italy and says they are going to see “The Granite.” They say they are going to see “The Statue of David” even though the statue is carved out of granite.

The Machine is different in that respect because it also has additional parts, namely the powerful Mini Bliss Disks. In a sense of the word, The Whirling Bliss Machine has transformed the lowly fidget spinner into something like a Ferrari that gives the ‘driver’ the experience of bliss both while they ‘drive’ and after.  

I have _______ disease. Can the Whirling Bliss Machine and Bliss Disks help me?  If Bliss can help a person to feel better, we are all for it. If a “Hall of Fame Coincidence” occurs, we are all for that, too. Laws prevent us from giving our opinions on the effects of Bliss Particles on diseases. The government can have their opinions regarding diseases, even if they are incorrect, but we are not allowed to express ours even if they are correct.  

Six decades ago, two researchers at the University of California, Krueger and Smith, found that harmful ions slow down – or even stop – cilia which are tiny hairlike parts that can be found in some of our cells. Those hairs help to move fluid and separate good bacteria from bad bacteria. Their discoveries gave birth to an electrical ion generating machine industry.  

Krueger and Smith also found that so-called “negative ions” speed up the actions of the cilia and enable them to beat in concert with each other. This concerted action promotes better fluid movement. In today’s world we are being exposed to an ever increasing amount of harmful ions. We can’t see them, but the air is full of them. Those ions are absorbed through our skin, eyes and lungs where they take part in ionic reactions inside our body.  

These same harmful ions also combine with the negative ions in the air that we would have absorbed had they not come in contact with the harmful ions first. This activity in the air reduces the amount of negative ions that would be available for our absorption, thereby making fewer favorable oxygen ions available inside our body.  

Why do you call negative ions “Bliss Particles?”  Scientists need to call the ions negative and positive because that description is a cornerstone of their nomenclature. But for the average lay person it is confusing because the negative ions are the ones we need more of right now.

When we got to the beach or to the forest, we instantly feel ourselves decompress. It’s a blissful feeling. The same feeling can be present after a thunderstorm.   In each case, there is a higher ratio of Bliss Particles that are present. Meanwhile, cell towers and our cell phones make those Bliss particles disappear faster than they would have 125 years ago. Yes, the increase in harmful ions began with the development of electricity.

But it has been the last 15-20 years where our exposure to the harmful ions has dramatically increased. Is it a coincidence that the age-adjusted mortality rate in the US from Alzheimer’s Disease has increased 55% in the fifteen years ending in 2013?   Is it a coincidence that obesity has soared also? Do too many harmful ions interfere with proper digestion and our energy?  

What do you mean by your tag line “Our goal is to increase the world’s bliss by 25% by increasing yours 1,000%?” Do you think increased bliss can make a difference?  Maybe bliss is the only thing that can make a real difference. Most everything else has been tried, including alcohol, drugs, arguments, fights and wars.  

If a nation is blissed, are they more, or less likely, to go to war? If a family is blissed are its members more or less likely to suffer from drug, alcohol and/or physical abuse? Would a person who feels blissed have any desire to take drugs or drink alcohol to excess? Would this have an impact on the number of drug addicts and alcoholics here and around the world?  

Maybe we should try bliss to see if it helps to alleviate those challenges. But bliss can be difficult to achieve if the type of oxygen ions in our body don’t match what is needed to feel physically blissed. If our stomach hurts, aren’t we more likely to become irritable?   Bliss is also contagious.

If you feel blissed, there is a good chance that the people you are close to and meet on a casual basis will pick up on it and will also feel a little more blissful. I have experienced this time after time whether it be with friends, acquaintances or with strangers.  

There is a bonus in this as well because when our friends and family feel more blissed, yours will also increase. So while it might seem at first to be a nearly impossible task to raise the world’s bliss by 25%, we can increase our own 1,000% with the “rub off” effect spreading faster than we might imagine. Each time this happens we could be saving a family and altering their future bliss trajectory to even higher levels.  

Imagine a dour, unhappy and depressed* family blossoming in a matter of days into the nicest and most cheerful people on your block. If a person can sing while cleaning toilets, a family can also change dramatically and quickly.  

To further make this point, a good percentage of our orders are from advocates who love their experience so much that they get more Bliss Machines sent to them right away. This tells me that 25% is a doable goal. Maybe we’ll need to double our goal before too long.   *The word “depressed” in this example is not a medical diagnosis. It’s just a description of your impression.  

Will bliss turn us into lazy zombies?  My own experience is the opposite – I feel more active and productive, not less. 

What sort of guarantee do you have? We want you to be happy with your choice, so you have a 90-day money back guarantee excluding shipping and handling. Although we test each Machine before shipping, we will also replace defective merchandise, ie, a Machine that doesn’t whirl. This does not cover damage from abuse or from dropping the Machine on the floor.  

Can the Whirling Bliss Machine combined with Bliss Disks help me to lose weight? I’ve coincidentally shed 40 pounds while using the combination of the Machine and the Bliss Disks while following no diet, exercise, pills, injections or drinks.   What is the difference between the Whirling Bliss Machine and the Bliss Disks? The Machine has 25 mm (one inch) Mini Bliss Disks that help to make millions of Bliss Particles per second. They fill up one’s tank as it were quickly. The Machines seems to produce the most dramatic shift in the way one feels similar to walking along a beach with large waves crashing.  

We definitely need to fill out tanks because we are all two quarts low, so to speak. Not one quart, but two. It’s two quarts because the shortage of Bliss Particles has gone on for your entire life.   Bliss Disks are 2.25 inches in diameter and provide us with 7,000 Bliss Particles per second 60/60/24/7. They never wear out. They have well over 20 different uses. We need Bliss Disks because the attack on our cells is nonstop.  

I use them to keep my food more nutritious for a longer period of time. A peeled pineapple lasted 17 days in the refrigerator and turned out to be the most delicious pineapple I’ve ever eaten after all that time!   I also use them while sleeping because I’ve had broken bones from long ago that act up. I’m able to fall asleep in a few minutes because the pain coincidentally goes away.

How many Bliss Disks do I need to feel what you’re feeling? I’ve had as many as 5,000 around me at one time. Even at that level it seemed that my bliss only increased. That number might not be attainable for you at this time. The great news is that the Disks have saved me a ton on food and supplements each month – far more than what the Disks cost.  

They are made of the same material that is sold for $50 each or more and that has lowered electric bills by hundreds of dollars a month in some cases. We offer them for between $3 and $4 each depending on the quantity ordered.   So it can be easy to keep adding more Disks until you reach the amount you need and desire. Because the Machine and the Disks energize our cells, their use could also enable a person to greatly increase their income. That’s because a happy, energized person is a key asset to any company. Or you might have the energy to create your own business.  

I believe that the Whirling Bliss Machine and the Bliss Disks are the best investment a person can make from a financial perspective for those reasons. A person could literally generate millions of dollars in income from an investment of a few hundred dollars.  

The same holds true for someone living on a low fixed income. They can start small and gradually build their energy as they add more Disks. If a person saves $25 a month, that pays for their next order. Then they have twice as many which can increase one’s energy faster, and so on until great things happen.  

If necessary a person could go without cable TV or temporarily get rid of their cell phone bill for a month. It’s a matter of priorities. It’s far better to feel blissed than to be able to text message for a month. Texting actually increases one’s exposure to harmful ions, so it makes people sicker than they already are. Each incoming text spikes the ion count.

Do you have a Refund Policy?   Yes. If you are not happy with your purchase, wish to return your order(s), please notify us by sending an e-mail to  info@whirlingbliss.com. prior to returning your purchase(s). You can return or exchange within 90 days of shipment date for a full refund or exchange.

Any returned goods must be in new, unused, and original packaging. For the return or exchange service, we will take care of the return postage if anything is DEFECTIVE and returned within 72 hours of the delivery date of the product. If there is nothing wrong with the product we will have to charge a restocking fee of

To expedite return service, e-mail us a photo of the defect. The replacement or refund will be issued once the damaged / defective item has been received at our office and processed by our staff.

Refund will be made back to the original form of payment within 48hours of receiving the return. Depending on your bank or credit card company it can take up to 10 business days to post the refund to your account.

Only items purchased direct from www.whirlingbliss.com are covered by this policy.


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