Our Vision is to raise the world's Bliss by 25% by increasing yours 1,000% !
Our Vision is to raise the world's Bliss by 25% by increasing yours 1,000% !
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The Whirling Bliss Machine took 66 years and a tenth of a second to be invented.

The first 66 years involved me walking around in a stormy cloud. The tenth of a second occurred three days after I’d started an online class that was called FasterEFT at the time.

The simple Faster EFT exercises allowed me to lift a pretty dark cloud. To set this up, It should be explained that I was by myself with a headset on doing the exercise. I could have stopped at any time, but what was happening was too good to stop, although I was literally thrashing around in the executive chair I was sitting in. 

I sat in that chair practically all the time because, sixty-six years earlier I was severely beaten by a nanny who also nursed me! She broke my clavicle and a small bone in my lower back. The lower break wasn’t discovered until nearly 60 years later. Apparently, if I cried about it, it was probably attributed to the other break.

I grew up and lived the rest of my life not trusting people with a touch of rage for good measure. Little did I know that those limiting habits had probably developed when I couldn’t even trust the person who nursed me.

Fast forward to the summer of 2017. Someone online mentioned Faster EFT, and I was curious. He said it worked for him right away.  

In the space of seven days, I experienced five miracles including the healing of my repressed memories about the violent episode from long before. What is remarkable to me is that I now see Doris in the role of a loving mother. She looks at me in the sweetest way now when I think about her.

Two days after the healing, I was getting out of bed. Between my being horizontal and vertical, the entire invention presented itself.

It might help you to know that prior to this miraculous event, I’d been surfing the internet and found out about negative ions. I’d actually read a book about it maybe 30 years ago, but don’t recall much if anything in the way of details from that book. I liked the book and it seemed neat, but didn’t take any actions from the book.

I’d seen ads for small disks that naturally generate about a thousand Bliss Particles per second. (We use much stronger Disks for our Machine. They are seven times stronger, in fact.)

Meanwhile, fidget spinners become the #1 toy in America in the spring of 2017. I don’t recall where or how I first learned of them other than it must have been online.

The two topics came together in my head in a fraction of a second. It struck me at the same moment that finally my emotions regarding the beating had blown away from my thoughts. I had a keen awareness of a “loud cloud” - if there is such a thing - that had been hanging out in my head or above it that was no longer there. It was almost like static or something. It’s hard to describe.

The basis of the invention has to do with the same principles of negative ion generation from a waterfall. Bigger waterfalls produce more Bliss Particles (negative ions) than do smaller waterfalls. It has to do with the amount of turbulence or excitement of the air.

It was clear to me that a source of Bliss Particles could be increased by having the Disks moving fast through the air. Sure enough, attaching the Disks to the toy created something that had never been accomplished before. We now had a method for generating several million Bliss Particles per second without any need for electricity.

Niagara Falls generates about 100,000 Particles per second to give you an idea of how far beyond the invention takes us.

Prior to the invention I’d dabbled with negative ions and found them to provide a decent amount of help. Mostly, I used them to place on parts of my body affected by broken bones from years before including a rib injury. I also had a problem in the back of my thigh that would only come into my awareness when lying down at night. It caused some trepidation because it felt like maybe a vein that was under stress. It could have just been a muscle. I really don’t know.

In any case, placing a negative ion card in the areas calmed them down each night.

Meanwhile, I’d gained a great deal of weight in the last nine years because my back made walking and standing quite difficult.

The ion products I had prior to my invention did almost nothing to stop the progression of weight gain. As I write this and think about it, I probably did drop about 10 or 15 pounds prior to the invention over a year’s time while using the various ion products I was using. The weight loss was extremely gradual.

Ever since my invention there has been a dramatic shift in my desire to eat much. Several times I went a couple days without eating any solid food. Sometimes I ate because friends nagged me into it. Otherwise I might have gone for three days or longer.

Needles to say, I’ve shed another 40 pounds without trying to diet, exercising or anything else. It’s what we like to call a “Hall of Fame Coincidence.”

My neighbor, Ulysses, was legally blind from glaucoma, was the first person other than myself to use my much weaker prototype. At the time it had a mere 3K rating when stationary. Today I use one that is rated 42K.

He used the Machine five times for about three minutes each time. The first time, he had a headache and a stomach ache and didn’t feel like eating. In the first second, he said “Wow!” out loud. After three minutes and a couple minutes chatting, he stood up and said he was going to go fix himself something to eat.

Before he left, I’d held up one finger in front of him and asked him how many he saw. He guessed wrong. He later admitted he had no idea how many fingers I was holding up.

After the fifth session, Ulysses was able to correctly identify three different sets of fingers held in various places. Ulysses was our first “Hall of Fame Coincidence.” There would be more coincidences, but that’s the background to the start of the Whirling Bliss Machine Company, LLC.