Our Vision is to raise the world's Bliss by 25% by increasing yours 1,000% !
Our Vision is to raise the world's Bliss by 25% by increasing yours 1,000% !
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Introducing the invisible reason why so many of us are getting heavier and heavier against our will...and the scientific miracle that fixes it...

But Whirling Bliss has changed how I look and feel!

Can our fat stink?

Has a fat boy with a broken back and clueless about making fancy web pages cracked the secret to easy weight loss?

As you can see, I don't know a whole lot about making  a pretty web page. But I have discovered (invented actually!) how to shed 72 pounds without even trying. My fat is literally being turned into water. The best part is I haven't dieted or exercised. This is great because my broken back makes Zumba classes hard to do. lol

There is more good news. My fat didn't get vaporized because I'm lucky or special.

Do you know how some diets or exercises work for some people but not for you maybe? The Whirling Bliss Machine and Bliss Disks aren't like that... Fat ALWAYS turns into water when it is exposed to massive amounts of oxygen ions!

The fat liquefies 100% of the time, sort of like how hardened coconut oil always melts when heated. There is no instance where the oil doesn't melt. Likewise, there is no instance when fat doesn't convert to water in the presence of oxygen ions.

Ask any biochemist...they will tell you that oxygen turns fat into water and carbon dioxide. (See the image further down for confirmation.)

The secret is that you need plenty of ions to make it work. I means LOTS! And they need to be less than an inch from your face or body or the ions wonder off into the air instead of being absorbed into your body.

The Whirling Bliss Machine solves that challenge by making several million oxygen ions a second a fraction of an inch away from your face or body. 

You can now vaporize your fat while sitting and while sleeping!

As was mentioned, oxygen ions are known by every biochemist to convert fat into carbon dioxide and water. 

But the huge challenge has always been how to absorb enough oxygen to make it happen. Until now it was nearly impossible to absorb that much oxygen unless you ran ten miles in the cold, heat and rain daily.

But now, the impossible is now possible. With Bliss Disks and the Whirling Bliss Machine, you can relax while eating, sleeping or doing errands as massive amounts of Blissful oxygen particles flood your body 24/7. 

That's pretty cool, isn't it!

Two examples...

Sheila wrote to me recently. She carries a mere two Bliss Disks in her pockets, yet she has shed 8 pounds in a few months without even trying! I usually carry about 15 Bliss Disks and have lost more weight faster.

A fancy chart showing fat being turned into water and air

-----> Double Blisser Whirling Bliss Machine

(Go ahead and order. Meanwhile, from here on, there's a bunch of miscellaneous info you might find fascinating. Including how Bliss Disks gives your food a much longer shelf life!) Does Whirling Bliss shatter what the so-called experts have mistakenly told us about diet & exercise to lose weight?

Diet experts have told us two things over and over again. You must follow a diet and probably also exercise if you want to lose weight. What they said was golden and true - until now. Before now, those were your choices. It was a hard and fast reality. 

And then, along came an extraordinary invention.  This has happened before: we walked but now we fly, we sweat buckets but now we have A/C, we sat by candles and lanterns but now we have light bulbs.

Prior to each new invention, they seemed impossible. Now we  enjoy their fruits without a second thought.

That's how you'll feel soon when your get your very own Whirling Bliss Machine.

Yes, Whirling Bliss frees you from the clutches of the weight loss experts.

Why have 20% of children suddenly gotten really fat and, why do you feel so tired recently!!

Here is what happened in a nutshell… I was saved by a miracle in a split second where a full-blown invention popped into my head while rising out of bed. 

The mental picture was so strong that the invention was nearly visible before my eyes. 

I use the invention perhaps 10 seconds here and a half a minute there – yet off came the pounds!

To make sure we are on the same page, can I ask you a couple of quick questions? Good!

Do you feel more tired than you used to feel?

Is it harder to fit into your clothes?

Do you find it easier to just grab something quick to eat rather than fix something more wholesome? If that describes you a good deal of the time, you’re like 70% of the population how are also struggling, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in Atlanta.

About 70% of us are either overweight or obese. The number keeps climbing so it could be higher than 70% by the time you read this. 

Obesity had risen to two out of every five adults by 2016 with sharp increases in recent years!! One in five children are also obese with the percentage climbing rapidly in recent years.

This means you’re not alone if weight gain and fatigue are two big challenges for you right now. Almost everyone feels that way these days.

If you have gained weight it's not genetic...but it could be electronic

America's sudden weight gain is not genetic.

Did yours and your parent’s genes suddenly turn into double x size because you’ve got the same genes you had when you were born.

Did you and everyone just wake up one morning and decide to pack on the pounds? Of course not!

You and 230 million other people did not suddenly decide, “Hey, let’s see if I can make my clothes not fit any longer!” That’s ridiculous. Likewise, you and everyone else didn’t suddenly choose to feel so doggone tired and maybe a little grouchy or bitchy, too!

Something much bigger has to be at play here.  It’s so simple, and maybe that’s why everyone missed it.

How can I be so sure about this? All I can say is I didn't exercise or diet yet the weight has melted off. Meanwhile my energy and mental clarity have improved a lot. Look at my before and after photos again. 

I don’t blame the PhDs or the MDs because it’s not their fault they didn’t think of this first. They are getting pounded from every direction which doesn’t give them a lot of time to relax and think things through. 

Are you ready to quit sweating or starving yourself?

---->>> Finally an answer that works!

Your Whirling Bliss Disks are like having Niagara Falls in your pocket

Rather than finding a Genie in a bottle, it was like I’d captured Niagara Falls and a 50-foot-tall ocean wave all rolled into one with a bolt of lightning added in for good measure.

Sixty-five pounds later, you’re finding out about my success. The invention does something that no other device in the world can do.

 I used to walk with a severe, painful, side-to-side limp. Most days now unless I am lifting boxes and twisting and turning, my limping is minimal.

Last night I was walking the best ever, even though I'd done a lot of lifting, carrying, and bending twice in the last week in 90 degree weather!

Whirling Bliss Machine practically duplicates the salubrious effects of Niagara Falls, ocean waves, and thunderstorms, yet you can carry your tiny Bliss Disks easily in your shirt or pants pocket!

You’ll be really happy with the price too…

You could pay $10,000 or more for some other product or program and not get results like these.” Lots of people have spent that much and not gotten half of the results that we refer to around here as “Hall of Fame Coincidences.”

My discovery doesn’t cost 1% of that amount! 

Getting back to the science, have you heard about the astounding University of California scientists who discovered your body’s Bliss Particle? This powerhouse 'waterfall' particle makes you feel relaxed. 

But when Drs. Krueger and Smith found this age old secret there was a major problem – you practically had to sit under a waterfall to feel it.

Today you can carry your “Bliss Particles” in your pocket wherever you go.

The horrible news is that without this invention, your Bliss Particles are disappearing before they get to you. It’s a crime against us all because Bliss Particles are your birthright.

There is a reason why Bliss Particles are disappearing at an alarming rate.

In the old days, there was a balance in nature.

But today we are smothered by Bliss KILLERS. We have almost no choice in the matter either. So what are those forces? You cannot escape bad electrons these days. They are in the air everywhere and the weird thing is - they are making us fat against our will.

The best way to understand what they are is to look first at the forces of what some people call Mother Nature. Mother Nature has been looking out for you. Nature gives us the wonderfully clean and relaxed feelings we get from thunderstorms, waterfalls, forest settings and ocean waves.

What do these three forces of nature have in common?

What do waterfalls, ocean waves, and lightning of Nature have in common? All three release decent amounts of healthy ions.

This is what makes the Whirling Bliss Disks so awesome. The Disks can provide you with billions of Oxygen Bliss Particles each day and night.

Unlike a negative ion generator, you can generate your extra Bliss Particles up close and personal - literally less than an inch from your face or body. 

Bliss Particles are a good part of the reason vacationers go to the beach or to the woods for vacation. Vacationers often say they want go to these places to “recharge their batteries.” And quite literally that’s what they are doing.

Niagara Falls and beach vacationers absorb enough Bliss Particles to feel kinda nice. There must be a good reason for our bodies to have the wisdom to absorb those blissful electrons. 

Now you can.

And in fact your body is designed to conduct billions or trillions of Bliss reactions every second of every day of our lives. It’s like our bodies ‘eat’ Bliss Particles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And nap time, too. That wonderful feeling you get after a thunderstorm gives us an amazing insight as to just how powerful those Bliss Particles can be.

So there is something shocking you need to know. In the last couple decades in particular, you and me have been robbed. It hasn't been intentional, buy your body has been deprived of your birthright - Bliss Particles - due to the massive increase in modern electronics that smothers us all even while we are sleeping.

It's basic science that negative and positive ions are attracted to each other.

That attraction wipes out the Bliss Particles that would normally be there for you.

Won't you join us in raising the world's bliss by 25% by increasing yours 1,000%...

Your “Bliss Particles” are getting wiped out every second of every day without you even knowing it’s happening! Have you ever noticed when you go on a long trip in your car, you feel extra tired?

That’s because the console of your car is emitting unfriendly ions! They are devouring your Bliss Particles. Your Bliss Particles are literally being wrestled to the floor of your car and neutered before your lungs and skin can absorb them.

That's why I have a Bliss Disk glued to the dashboard of my car.

The same thing happens in your home and your office.

There is no safety outdoors either because cell towers are invading your space and smothering you with their Bliss KILLERS!

Your Bliss Particles are attracted to the Bliss KILLERS, picking your pocket and your health. Being blissed is our natural state – if we have enough of the friendly electrons. But when your friendly electrons are reduced, the opposite happens. Bliss KILLERS can make you hungry even after you have eaten!

This might explain why I’ve become 65 pounds lighter since upping my Bliss Particles! I’m just not stuffing my face as much. Who needs a lot of food when you feel blissed!

The Bliss KILLERS also slow down tiny little “brooms” inside our abdomen. That slowdown results in food just sits there not getting absorbed so well. Indigestion anyone? So we remain hungry and a bit tired.

That’s a recipe for wanting to eat junk. You feel tired, so you’ll want something quick that takes no effort to prepare. At least that’s the way it was with me. Feeling fat is not a recipe for bliss, right? Probably not.

But naturally getting slimmer without any effort or denial sure can make a person feel happy! Actually, Bliss Particles work the other way, too. You feel so happy, emotional eating becomes a thing of the past.

Do you want to see something really scary?

The picture gets even worse!

In the next three years, the telephone industry is planning to install a million more Bliss KILLING generators.

They have already started this in a few cities. These 20-foot-high Bliss Killers are far more dangerous because they are being located so close to our bodies!

Proximity intensifies the Bliss KILLING effects tremendously.

Because it is invisible, it’s not likely anyone would make the connection between their fatigue and the mini towers. Sure you might feel a little tired and the next morning your eyes might ache a little, but the 5G mini tower that promoted your fatigue and took away your bliss won’t take the blame.

Imagine trying to prove that those little Bliss KILLERS were responsible for how you feel and your diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or glaucoma. Besides "5G" is predicted to become a multitrillion dollar industry, and they have the best lawyers money can buy.

I’m not saying the Bliss KILLERS are responsible for any medical problems. I’m simply pointing out a bit of the kind of physiology that Drs. Krueger and Smith proved quite a while ago. What's your take?

Do you agree that negative and positive ions are attracted to each other? Does it take a medical degree to understand such a simple concept - or can a formerly obese person like myself put one plus one together and see that it makes two? (Actually to be technically correct, a plus and a minus come together, canceling each other out.)

So how do you maximize your Bliss Particles?

Until last year, there wasn't anything you could do to carry constant protection at a level to combat the extraordinarily high levels of bad ions we walk through constantly.

We can either move to Niagara Falls, buy a multimillion dollar home on the beach, or invest in your very own Whirling Bliss Machine...

Here is why: It takes massive displacement of the air to create the amount of Bliss Particles you need. Niagara Falls puts out 100,000 Bliss Particles per cubic centimeter. That’s where the real bliss starts.

But it's not very practical to live on a tugboat next to the giant waterfall, however.

What you need is a hand held invention that mimics the air displacement of Niagara Falls.

The Whirling Bliss Machine gives you exactly what you need in seconds. 

We really don't have any choice in the matter. Either we get slapped around with no protection or we enlist the aid of a Whirling Bliss Machine.

This is especially true these days due to all of us being blanketed 24 hours a day by cell towers, smart meters, computers, microwave ovens and all the rest. Wireless home phones are another huge culprit.

The million additional 5G mini-towers are an unmitigated disaster that is coming just around the corner if it hasn’t reached your neighborhood yet. I believe those little Bliss KILLERS could be 100 times worse than smoking, and we all know how bad smoking can be.

They might make people sick a hundred times faster as well.

There is no hiding from them. They will be set up both in cities and in the most rural of areas. The choice is clear. We either let the Bliss KILLERS swallow us whole with no one the wiser, or we douse ourselves with Bliss Particles. 

The TRILLION dollar telecom industry is not going to come to its senses because too much money is involved. Even if you were to get rid of your personal cell phone, you will still be hunted down wherever you go by invisible Bliss KILLERS.

You’ve got to recharge your Bliss Particles, and you need a method that feels like Niagara Falls without the raincoat, batteries or an extension cord.

We make no medical promises because we don’t have to, and because when you feel blissed, amaaaa-zing things often happen!

The Whirling Bliss Machine is an elegant invention. It looks “stupid simple” and it is definitely simple even though the hand operated spinning Machine is based on a simple idea - speed increases how many particles you get.

Yet there is one more critical component. Speed isn't enough. You need a special material that naturally generates Bliss Particles due to its physical properties.

The physical action of the air’s displacement makes Bliss Particles possible. 

With the Whirling Bliss Machine the speed of the spinning action excitedly displaces the air in the presence of special disks that are known to help generate Bliss Particles. Those special disks when stationary have the ability to produce 7,000 Bliss Particles per second per cubic centimeter. 

No expense was spared to make the Whirling Bliss Machine. Most similar spinning devices rely on metal ball bearings at their center. Not so with the Whirling Bliss Machine. These Machines use ceramic ball bearings in the center instead for three reasons:

     > Ceramic spins faster and longer which means you can get a tremendous amount of Bliss Particles produced with a single spin

     > Ceramic ball bearing don’t rust but metal ones do and sometimes rather quickly

     > The ceramic ball bearings are excellent Bliss Particle producers! The disks on the wings also rely on ceramic material to increase the amount of Bliss Particles produced

It is a great pleasure and joy to bring you this invention. Your personal Machine also couldn't be more timely for you. 
Either choice is a winning choice with a Machine designed to fit your budget.

As you find yourself having so much more energy, you might also open many avenues for more income as well because it takes extra energy to be successful in this world. I can tell you from my own experience before and after this invention how doors are opening as people are responding positively to my new found levels of energy. 

I could see this Machine helping people become millionaires simply because their energy improves so much.

As a purchaser...

you’ll also be informed about how to supercharge your Whirling Bliss Machine and much more and you’ll have access to our blog with the latest news regarding Bliss Particles and Bliss KILLERS.

I would tell you all about other ways to maximize your protection, but until you’ve actually experienced for yourself just how incredible massive amounts of Bliss Particles can be, all that information would probably fall on deaf ears…you have Bliss Receptors in your ears by the way so maybe that is why what I would tell you would sound like so much unwelcome noise. hehe

But once you’ve become a ‘Blisser’ with your own amazing story to tell, you could become all ears. Blissing yourself out with the Whirling Bliss Machine’s Bliss Particle creator is the best way I know how to make you a loyal member of the Bliss Particle team. So get your Whirling Bliss Machine ordered now and welcome aboard. In wrapping this up, let me tell you about my own incredible coincidence while using my Whirling Bliss Machine.

As a prototype, it was actually weaker than the one you’ll be getting. I’ve been somewhat crippled for the last nine or ten years due to a prior broken back catching up with me. I sat all day, and hobbled every slowly…so slowly that people of all ages would pass me in store parking lots.

After about three weeks of using my Whirling Bliss Machine for a minute or two at a time for at most ten minutes a day, my hobble coincidentally went away. A couple weeks later I overdid it, and for a week I was back not to square one but maybe square two or three in terms of my ability to walk. So after a week of this, to my utter surprise, I walked into my living room without a limp and rather quickly to boot.  I tried walking a couple more times just to be sure I wasn’t imagining the improvement.

Sure enough, the hobble was practically gone. That’s when I went crazy. I went outside and started to run. I was wearing sandals, and I’m out of shape, so I didn’t set a land speed record or anything, but I was actually able to run several steps. I hadn’t run in 10 years or more. My balance is much better, too.

Talk about bliss! In recent months, I’d previously resigned myself to having the remaining years of my life to being one of increased limitations and increased pain. A metal rod in your back can make a person feel really limited as to how much improvement is possible. I ran into a couple people who hadn’t seen me in a year or more. Both of them brought up the fact that I was looking so much healthier than the last time we’d seen each other.

Bliss Particles could be the secret to looking younger and healthier! So that is one of my coincidences while increasing my Bliss Particles. Another one is that I’m presently about 45 pounds lighter. Did the weight loss bliss me or did the bliss reduce my appetite? It could be both.

That’s enough about me…because there is an urgency here, too, due to the coming 5G telecom invasion which is in my opinion the worst attack on our Bliss I have ever seen. It seems to me that low bliss translates into bad health, whereas bathing in bliss could have an amaaaa-zing effect. I hope you’ll join me and my increasing levels of bliss that come to me more and more frequently these days.

At this moment, you are being struck by Bliss KILLERS. There is no time like the present to fight back with your own Bliss Particle Machine. The new and highly popular Double Blisser Whirling Bliss Machine with twice the Bliss. It comes in blue with six Whirling Disks. Beautiful!


Picture a world where bliss has replaced strife and discord...

-----> If we feel fantastic and relaxed, won't more good things happen...

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